Candidate Suitability

Getting dental implants is a major decision with long term implications for your health. We take a lot of time to understand your situation and needs, to carefully determine your suitability for the procedure, before any procedure is performed.

Ideally, a patient who is considering dental implant surgery will:

  • Be in good oral and overall health.
  • Be free from periodontal disease.
  • Have sufficiently dense bone tissue in their jaw.
  • Not be a smoker, or be willing to give up smoking, especially during the osseointegration period.
  • Be willing to seek treatment for medical conditions and modify behaviours that may negatively impact the treatment.
  • Be committed to healthy lifestyle habits, a good oral hygiene regimen, and routine dental visits post-surgery.

The success of the procedure will be based in part on your compliance and diligence before and after surgery.

You are unique. The best way to understand whether dental implants are suited to your particular situation is to come in and see Dr Chan for a consultation.

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Do Get a Second Opinion

Given the complex nature of dental implants, it is perfectly reasonable to want to seek a second opinion.

We firmly believe that any action that helps you become better informed has to be a good thing.

If you wish to seek a second option, we are more than happy to make available copies of your X-rays and records, including study models for the other practitioner’s perusal.

If you are currently seeing a general dentist, you can request a referral from them to see Dr Chan about getting implants. For added convenience, we can directly request your dental history from your referring dentist.