Full-Service Dental Implants

Dr Henry Chan is one of the most experienced and qualified implant dentists in Western Australia. He has qualifications from leading international implant and surgery institutions, and many years of placing successful implants. More….

We provide comprehensive consultations, use advanced implant design technologies, and employ best-practice surgical techniques to maximise the success of your implant.

Understand the three-phase Dental Implant Treatment Process.

The Fremantle Implants Advantage

Qualified and accredited to place implants and perform related surgical procedures.

Experienced in placing implants with a solid track record of successes.

Patient-centred care with a strong focus on patient education and empowerment.

Acknowledge the complexities of dental implants and plan treatments accordingly.

Acknowledge the risks and take the time to carefully explain them to you as well as the proactive steps to mitigate them.

Meticulous treatment planning and comprehensive communications with you and our suppliers. Not taking shortcuts or rushing in to performance procedures.

Professional facilities and best-practice procedures set up to perform implant placement and related surgical procedures.

Quality materials and reputable suppliers with high professional and clinical standards.

Dental implants require complex procedures, expertise and experience to do well.
Don’t let anyone dismiss your concerns by saying it is as easy as 1 2 3.
Let us help you make truly informed decisions for this lifelong investment.