Dental Implant Treatment Overview

Treatment Phase 1: Assessment and Planning

Consultation 1

Review your implant need and your overall general health.Begin treatment planning.

Consultation 2

Conduct detailed 3D scans of the implant site.Finalise treatment planning.

Treatment Phase 2: Surgery

Surgery Stage 1

Perform surgery to place the implant.When replacing a single tooth, a healing abutment is often installed at the same time.This “Single Stage Procedure” removes the need for Surgery Stage 2.

Healing time: about two months.

Surgery Stage 2

Perform surgery to install a healing abutment if this was not done in Surgery Stage 1.This is referred to as a “Two Stage Procedure.”

Healing time: about 4 weeks.

Treatment Phase 3: Prosthesis


The healing abutment is removed and an impression is taken of the implant site, so that the final prosthesis and its abutment can be made.

This takes about two weeks.


The final prosthesis and its abutment are installed.

The dental implant treatment is now complete.